Flash Cards | Aggregation & Disposition

Information, information everywhere, but not a drop to consume ... or a way to share effectively.  A preponderance of information can lead to a derth of knowledge when we don't stop to think about our intentions.

We're generating and sharing tidbits of information at an alarming rate across the internet and even in more physical forms.  The deluge is so extreme that we rely on blogs, Facebook, and traditional news sources to gather the pieces together for our occasional review.  That aggregation of content is always editorialized and directed towards some particular audience or audiences.

But we aren't simply consumers of this communication glut.  We place our own content into the ether, further contributing to the mountain of items to decipher.  What we share (most everything) and how and where we share it determines how easy it is for others to make use of it and the likely intentions behind it.  Our control and thoughtfulness about disposition of our knowledge is the greater crux.

In a time when organizational or personal weight is heavily modified by your ability and willingness to contribute to the communal conversation, it is more important than ever to well-intend and plan the complete supply line of the data you create which forms into information, and how your shared information can be consumed as knowledge; so that over time, a knowledge system that correctly reflects your identity and value can emerge.

As physical technology adjusts to the increasing demands for organizing informational tidbits, making sure these bots or agents understand how to put the pieces back together in a way that is meaningful and accurate to the purpose of the original sharing is all rooted in the disposition.

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