Flash Cards | Multiple Avenues to Information

If everyone thinks differently, they are going to arrive at different conclusions and tangents in different ways. Cross-connect and relate everything where appropriate to allow the most understanding.

Monkies.  You may have thought of the shape of a simian.  You may have imagined bananas.  You might have encountered an unpleasant smell.  There are many ways to a monkey’s heart or mind.

If Diverse Perspectives on Information are about showing different ways into the world—different views of what exists, multiple avenues address the different pieces that fuel those views.  They are the channels/tunnels/conduits that allow us to reach the same information, but through our own individualized path.

Providing the maximum amount of demonstrated connections between the information and knowledge you have, you provide a way for knowledge-seekers to use their own intrigue to arrive at the right conclusions.

Constructing multiple avenues to information access is a matter of looking at the universe of things you have described and figuring out how someone might move from one to another.  One-to-one relationships.  How does Bob relate to Bob’s Car?  How does Bob relate to Mary?  It is even more simple than that: Does Bob relate to Bob’s Car?  Can Bob relate to Bob’s car?

Being able to explore multiple avenues to information gives them the freedom to let their mind work and gives you the benefit of not trying to direct them down a path that might not work out.


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