Flash Cards

A non-electronic tool that operates on many of the same levels as our internet applications. Intended to educate about how GroundWork operates as well as serve as a self-consulting tool.

About these Flash Cards
Each one of our applications is constructed from building blocks ranging from data and information to knowledge systems and embedded beliefs systems. The 25 terms available in our physical flash cards help to establish a common vocabulary and to get you started in the process of introspection and critical analysis that is essential to building applications which connect the world to you and you to the world.

Choose Your Own Adventure
Think of the cards in terms of your own organization and your own problems. Some terms will hit home more than others, certainly. But each of the 25 can give you a tool to approach your own issues differently. It can be a fun diversion to think about the cards in terms of their broadest meanings, then choose a topic to see which terms apply. For instance: Astrology, Fantasy-Fiction, Basketball, and brewing. See how many terms apply to each.

Or Follow Our Path
In print form, the cards are numbered, but are provided out-of-order in the deck. When placed in order, they tell a specific tale.

Printed Cards

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