Flash Cards | Experience

Something you have, create or accumulate. Something that can change you.

You experience moments and events.  You create an experience for someone else to encounter.  You “have” experience in a subject, field or pursuit.

But what is it, really?

It’s an accumulation of sensory perceptions.  It is the passing of or demarcation in time.  It is the processing your mind moves through once all the pieces are “recorded.”  Experience is a confluence of data that subconsciously (and later perhaps, consciously) becomes something more than its distinct parts.

I tied my shoes this morning.  I drove my car to work.  I greeted coworkers and clients.  I certainly experienced all of these things.  I also have experience in these functions.  But were they separately or together “an experience?”


If I had broken both shoe laces and had to walk-about with untied shoes, that might have been an experience.  Or if I had gotten into a car accident, that might have been one … or even if one of my coworkers told me an awkward joke.  Each of those could have been real Experiences.

The Experiences being described are more than simple memories or activities.  They are the usual, tempered with a little “unusual” and reflection.  The observation of “self” (the reflection) is the key to knowing an Experience.

Real Experiences matter because by this very definition, they are at least mildly transformative.  They are pieces of the world around you which have been made special by your personal analysis of them.

Experiences are important because they are lasting; and experiences over time create Wisdom.

How do you help create or engender an Experience for someone else?

You share something with them, and then be open to letting their mind roam free.

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