Flash Cards | Best Fit

Spending the time to match clients to producers, solutions to needs, and partnering effectively extends beyond the threat of "square peg, round hole" inefficiency.

Certain things just need to go together.  The world is not as simple as products demanded, services desired, or the provision of each.  Different characters of people and organizations can mesh better together than others.  One consumer might be uptight, schedule driven, and antsy.  They might have a difficult time doing business with a firm that is loose with schedules, uses prose in all communication and reports, and discusses things on a conceptual level.  The same extends down the line to the customers of customers (really to all levels of anything).

This concept is Personality Assessment & Matching Plus.   If you seek out the Best Fit pairing, the most fulfillment and benefit will come.

Marketing as a concept and hopefully as an action is all about seeking a best fit.  It's about making a product that end customers want and correctly informing that target audience segment that the product exists.  Naturally after the relationship is defined, information and knowledge exchange is essential.  Best Fit is about intention and the actual match.  It is insufficient to try to find a best fit for simple profit maximization if you aren't also trying to create a lasting relationship.

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