We provide technology guidance.
Our team has the technical expertise and experience needed to turn our clients' visions into reality.
Our primary role in every client interaction is to be a technology educator. Our clients are experts in their respective fields but most have not encountered the types of technology or processes we use to create our virtual experiences. We guide and educate our clients throughout the process to ensure they are informed, empowered and engaged participants.
Our primary areas of expertise include:
Technical Consulting / Ideation
Application / Web Development
Project Coordination
Information Architecture
Wireframing / UI Planning
Content Production Guidance
Video / Image Manipulation
Data Collection and Organization
Large-Scale Content Management
Hosting / Deployment
Our industry partners' expertise includes:
Brand Development
Marketing / Communications
Copywriting / Editing
Audio Composition / Production
Graphic Design
3D Rendering
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Understanding Our Approach via Flash Cards
Because what we do is quite complicated, we've created a series of flash cards to help our clients work through the process. These flash cards are a non-electronic tool that operates on many of the same levels as our internet applications. They are intended to educate our clients about how GroundWork operates as well as serve as a self-consulting tool.