Flash Cards | Intertemporal Allocation of Resources

Gone are the days of static publishing and broadcasting. Arrived is the hour of flexibility and growth. Don’t raze past efforts and create more work. Don’t abandon truth for finite exploration. Build. Rise. Intend. Plan.

Don’t blow your wad.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint. ... And other semi-unfortunate idioms.  Spread out your intentions over time, and be mindful that your ability to do things bit by bit is sometimes (and often) more advantageous than raging like a bull at once.

We’ve quickly become a people who pay our way with monthly installments.  Unfortunately, those installments are usually debt-based, but they can also be additive.  Increasing your power-tool, shoe, or gadget collection month by month is a practiced widely accepted and anticipated. 

It can similarly be with the effort you put forward to share your knowledge with others.

All resources which will ever be available to you are not immediately available in every moment.  While that certainly applies to money and time, it also applies to your experience.  By measuring out your efforts over time, you benefit from the experiences you encounter or create in between efforts.

GroundWork develops applications which intend content to be updated in an intertemporal fashion.  Applications which expect your knowledge to grow; and we find value in the sharing of it over time.

In a non-rich-media-application sense, the examples are all around.  Adding to a collection in whatever form is the same concept we're talking about.  For educating and sharing on an interpersonal level, it happens naturally.  You tell stories to friends and reveal information to coworkers in a piecemeal fashion.  It’s the way of the world; and that’s why it is the way of our applications.

There are benefits for the sharer or archivist; and benefits to the recipient.

When you intentionally measure your sharing over time, and actively reflect on that practice, you become aware of the differences in your own thought process.  The information and knowledge you share becomes richer because you actively form new connections between concepts over time.

For a recipient of information, the world is constantly changing with an intertemporal addition approach.  Its easy (but too simple) to look to a publishing model (magazines, etc) and equate that to well-intentional intertemporal allocation.  When there is a necessity to publish at regular intervals, the value of what is published degrades.  However, when the update interval is based on the usefulness of the content available, the content becomes richer, because it is intentioned; and the recipient/user of that content benefits.

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