We have deep industry knowledge.
Our success comes from understanding the industries we work with and how our solutions make a difference.
Our virtual experiences are applicable to many industries. We've had the opportunity to create a wide range of solutions to date and we've planned out many more. These are the types of experiences that we enhance, extend or replace with technology:
Educational Institutions
Higher Education Admissions
New Student Orientations
Campus Visit & Info Session Scheduling
Collaborative Highschool Science Fairs
Interactive eLearning & Mobile Learning
Healthcare Provider / Facility Selection
Virtual & Onsite Visits
Pre/Post Procedure Preparation & Processing
Assisted Living Facility Selection
Corporate & Small Business
Onboarding Process / Orientations
Recruiting Process
Interactive eLearning & Mobile Learning
Office Exploration & Navigation
Virtual & Mobile Sales Tools
Interactive Showrooms
Product / Service Customization
Travel & Tourism
Hotel / Resort / Cruise Exploration & Selection
National, State, Local Visits
Onsite Visit Navigation
Mobile Pay & Add-on Services
Digital Itineraries & Events
Facility Rentals & Event Planning
Relocation Planning & Assistance
Cultural Institutions
Institution / Site Virtual & On-Site Visits
Giving, Sponsorship & Support
Interactive / Digital Exhibits
Learning & Educator Tools
Handicapped Accessiblity Tools
Entertainment & Sports Parks
Venue / Facility Virtual & Onsite Visits
Corporate Sponsorship
Facility Rentals & Event Planning
Multimedia Capture & Presentation
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