Flash Cards | Building Life's Technology

What is living, anyway? If technology is codified comfort; and life is what you make of it…

Is life what you make of it?  Or is it what everyone makes of it?

Technology is the output of entrepreneurship, which is itself the essential human characteristic.  Entrepreneurship is the ability and tendency to look at systems of resources and create value from them.  Making the most of what you have to better yourself.  That value is a way to exploit or use those resources, and typically results in an action or practice.
That result is technology.

Humans take actions that increase their comfort (which rather broadly includes pleasure, safety, leisure, etc).  So, if entrepreneurship is the essential human characteristic and outputs technology, and other human-natures trend towards comfort inclusion, it seems that technology ends up being comfort-related.

So, what is life?  Respiration, procreation, etc, etc.  Yes, certainly that.  But its gotta be more.  Maybe it is connecting with other people and things.  Maybe it is indeed about leaving your positive mark and doing something fruitful.

What, then, is technology that belongs squarely to life?  It's technology that helps you see your life through.  Technology that is trying to do the same thing that you are trying to do in life.  Make your mark; improve the condition of what you see around you.  It is technology that is a force multiplier for your life pursuits.

Its is hard enough to get by in the world without unnecessary roadblocks.  Technology that extends your human usefulness is worthy of creation.

At the core of our rich media applications is a way of looking at “things” just like your brain does.  Everything can be connected to anything.  Once you can do that, then you need to capture senses… vision, listening, to add life-extension.  Finally, you add logic and determination, just like you have as a person.  You can produce technology and use technology that makes you a super hero of humanity.

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