Flash Cards | Caritas

Love. It connects, because we’re all in it together. GroundWork is driven by a love of craft; of knowledge-sharing and information-sharing.
Do you love what you do?

Caritas is Latin for charity.

In its most vernacular form, it is a mode of benevolent giving.  Giving time, talent, and treasure to those in need.  In its more theological vain, it is an unconditional outpouring of forgiving kindness and compassion.  It is the ultimate state of love.

Sharing of knowledge gives us all a better understanding of each other—thus working towards this higher form of charity: of love.

GroundWork takes its work very seriously.  Not for itself, but for those who can be benefited by it.  We make applications and advocate positions because we think that they have intrinsic value in a prescriptive way.  They can bring us all closer together.

It takes a lot of effort to create our applications.  Any entirely-sensible folks wouldn’t bother with the intricacies and tactics we do.  It just doesn’t seem to make sense.  However, when you take into account a potential higher value of each application, it all seems worthwhile.

It certainly isn’t easy to fight the good fight when the cards are stacked against you, but we get an awful lot of joy from the pursuit.  And we do so because from time to time, people are willing to take the journey with us.


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