Flash Cards | Force Multiplier

You are strong, but finite. You are experienced, but lack time to share. You are invigorated, but lack an audience. Ever wanted to clone yourself?

Something that increases the effect of every moment and every action.  In the military, this is firepower and machinery.  In business, this refers to computers and more clandestine technology.

An ultimate force multiplication is to take a moment to do something, then have that moment live on beyond your ability to repeat it.  A well-architected application can persistently represent your nature very well.

Every moment is precious.  Time is the most valuable resource we have.  If you can make every moment count more, affect more, be more, then why not?

In GroundWork applications, we multiply force by storing intense and deep messaging to share with others.  We prescribe that information from many perspectives should be  provided, and that it is broken up into digestible chunks, to help a user’s comprehension.

The multiplication of force occurs when the chunks and perspectives are connected together to more closely approximate a conversation that might occur in-person.

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