Flash Cards | Diverse Perspectives

Everyone thinks differently. To try to control or predict that infinite diversity in infinite combinations is folly. Instead, describe well, and let multiple real perspectives match up with real minds at work.

Traditional marketing and publishing have centered around audience segmentation and publishing/producing for those specific audiences.  However, in a completely electronic space, those tactics are unnecessary and potentially unfruitful.

In an interactive application, the user self-selects.  Once they self-select, they have the opportunity to un-self-select.  So, there is the possibility that hard work and effort put forward to convey a very specific message to a very specific group will result in a structural mismatch.

Diverse Perspectives already exist, so creating and ensuring them isn’t an impossible matter.  You use diverse perspectives on topics and things because you never know who is going to approach your shared knowledge, and what they have on their mind at the time.  So, if you know that there are different takes on something, provide them and cover your bases.

People are cunning and savvy.  When only one perspective is present, it is easy to think that it isn’t the whole story.  But when multiple perspectives are present, suspension of disbelief sits in.  So, whether it is to convince of one idea/topic, or to present many perspectives, you’re covered.

Challenge yourself.  Play devils advocate.  Admit that there is more than one story or angle.  When you realize it, try even harder to reverse yourself or keep other opinions.

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