Flash Cards | Pragmoptimization

Reach for the pie in the sky—optimism. Take account of your surroundings—pragmatism. Work into a lather—optimization. Rinse. Repeat.

Pragmoptimization, a neologism/portmanteau of pragmatism, optimism, and optimization, is the primary process used at GroundWork to help clients.  Without knowing what should be and what the dream is, you can never inch towards it; but without facing the facts, the rubber never meets the road—and nothing happens.  Optimization is the fact-wise compromise that lets you stand firmly on the ground and reach for the stars.

Through conversation, inventories, and guided brainstorming, you first come up with the best of all possible worlds eventuality.  Then, you test it against other best-case scenarios and vet it through multiple opinions.

Then you do the same for the resources you have available and the constraints which seem to be applied.  You test them as well, and make sure they are real constraints and not simple hold-over fears or phantom considerations.

Time passes.  Then you revisit the best case.  Then you do the same for the available resource case.  Waiting is essential.  When you pick it back-up with a different perspective, different thoughts will come forward.

Fight! Or optimize.

Force the long-term best-case to guide the short-term requirements expressed.

Come up with a resolution.

Then sit on it.  Then try again.  Then sit on it.  Then try at least one last time.

Sometimes, different constraints will surface.  Sometimes different dreamy-goals will arise.  Add them in, and test again.

You can’t know where you are going if you have blinders on.  You can meet organizational goals if you focus on the minutia first.  You must must must (that’s 3x) see the world as full of possibilities before you harden your heart.

At the end of the day, you may feel uneasy about all the new things put on the table, but at least they came out.  You will have a vision and a way to implement it.  But most importantly, you will have gone through a process that stretched your conceptions.

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