Flash Card | Conceptual Scale

Everyone is the Queen and the Cog.  Keeping your wits about you as you elevate, descend, slide, scoot, amplify or diminish is the trick.

The base premise is that as your stored information and knowledge grows, the rules change.  At certain points, the rules drastically change, and that change should necessitate organizational change.

Just as the sub-atomic follows different physical rules than our visible world, so does the cosmic-level follow another set of physical rules.  As you change the “group” you and your focus, so does your conception of scale and your conception of self change.

Scale isn't just a function of unit quantity or other basic factors of land, labor or capitol.  When your human output / life's technology geometrically expands or experiences an enormous setback, the game changes fundamentally.  We usually think of organizational scale in our simple inputs, but we can and should also think of it in terms of our functional reach: the implications of our products and services delivered and honed over time, the degree to which we involve our customers and partners in an ongoing relationship, and to which our own knowledge systems and meanings persist beyond our departure.

The scale of related, complementary, and competitive systems and ideas.  When an operation, organization, or application grows (or shrinks) in its offerings or culture, quantity can become irrelevant, and each and every practice may need to be considered differently.  In an application, there is a difference between just intending to share information with the public and exchanging knowledge with customers.  There is still a different conceptual scale when you may wish to store knowledge to guide your organization over time.  Still a different level when you wish to store metrics, knowledge, and have a system govern your organization’s actions.  Still further as you try to codify your knowledge into the system so that it can interact autonomously with clients.

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