Flash Cards | Interactive Storytelling

We think, document, and entertain in the form of stories. Let your stories free. Let others add depth, texture and nuance to your story, making it their own.

Though we communicate through and with stories, they are often one-way communications.  But we have all been there.  We’ve all been listening to the story and heard some esoteric tidbit or reference we don’t understand; OR we desperately want to change the subject but don’t have a kind way to do so.

Interactive Storytelling is about push and pull.  Wanting your listener to seek clarification or indicate direction.  As a listener, feeling free and able to delve deeper or shy away.

Interactive Storytelling applications set the frame and path of the story, but make it easy to deviate the path with different concepts.  By taking a narrative or tale and annotating it with connections and clarifications, while keeping the overall narrative broken-down into bite-size pieces, you can convey a concept without trapping someone.  That’s something you can’t do face-to-face.

You can do this easily in text.  However, when has text ever been adequate to tell a passionate interpersonal story (famous and evocative novels aside)?  When using video or audio, ducking-out and seeking more information is a hard thing to do.  But GroundWork has experience.

If most of our days are spent using the story premise to convey knowledge, and when we escape from the workaday world, we often seek entertainment, the story is our ticket.  It is imperative for us to use this common and desired convention, but make it something that we can provide for people to consume without our personal intervention.

It helps the right knowledge get to the right people in as pleasant a way as possible.
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