Flash Cards | Designing "GroundWork"

Design is more than art. It’s teaching a widget to fish. Planning for the infinite. Making foundations true. Anticipating the unknown. Building systems, not “pieces.”

Yes, its an attempt to explain our slightly odd name, given that we aren’t a traditional “design” shop.  But its also a way of looking at every problem.

Look for the undercurrent.  Seek the governing dynamics.  Its likely that the problem you are trying to solve is really part of a larger set or category of problem.  If you try to solve that larger problem, you’re likely to wind up with a solution that is a better way to solve the original predicament/opportunity.

At GroundWork, we believe that not only should all problems be approached from a foundational level, but also that most problems are interconnected and most solutions are interconnected.  By trying to think of everything from the most base level possible, we end up solving unanticipated problems that are bound to come up again.

For other organizations, it is likely that core motivators will be uncovered as you dig deeper and deeper for the core issue.  Those core motivators will help you not only solve the current problem, but also a host of others.

Don’t be satisfied by what appears to suit the current issue.  What other problems are like the one you are facing?  What other pursuits are like the one you are after?  Venture out into the world to find similarities.  Your problem isn’t singular; you can always go broader or higher.  You can always find something more at the cause.

When you think about a system of solution instead of simply a single solution, the time you spend not only solves the problem at hand, but also likely part of the next problem you’ll encounter.  So, the value of the time you spend is significantly increased.

When GroundWork builds applications, it allows us to focus on multiple industries at a time, greatly decreasing the cost of an application for a given industry.

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