We build information technology.
Our solutions enable the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of an organization's information.
We develop our virtual experiences on a platform that includes three distinct components:
What is a Rich Media Application?
A Rich Media Application (RMA) is specialized software that enables organizations to share vast amounts of rich media — images, videos, audio clips, slide shows, panoramas and more — with the world in a highly interactive way. Our RMAs typically take the form of a Flash application, an HTML 5 website, or a downloadable AndroidTM or iOSTM app.
Our rich media applications can be viewed on a variety of devices:
Why use a Content Management System?
Our Content Management System (CMS) lets an organization control the content that is displayed via their rich media applications. We had to build a unique kind of CMS platform to manage Rich Media content and the complex relational data that interconnects the information together in our virtual experiences.
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What can be tracked and how is it useful?
StatFrameTM is our one-of-a-kind metrics system which tracks and reports users' behavior while they use an organization's rich media application. Traditional web reporting tools provide organizations with an idea of who is viewing their website, what pages users are looking at, when users are looking, and where users visiting from. StatFrameTM collects all this PLUS it also tracks exactly how users are interacting with an organization's rich media application by logging each and every action a user takes.
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