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Guided Procedures
Reveal your content one step at a time
Guided Procedures Overview
Procedures present information to users step-by-step in a predetermined order. Often used to replicate "walking" or "guided" tours, these procedures provide an excellent overview to an institution or to a specific concept. Our procedures guide users through a sequence of "stops", each consisting of media (text, still images, panoramic images, slideshows with narration, animations, videos and more) and hyperlinks to one or more other piece of content elsewhere in the application or on the web. Each stop can also control the position of the map and/or highlight a specific location or building.
Walking Tour / Guided Tour
A walking tour is a procedure that delivers a experience similar to what someone would encounter during an in-person visit. A step-by-step experience can be created that is either topical or locational, either through map coordination or by creating stops that directly reflect building locations. When you have a human being acting as a guide, these procedures are called "guided tours" where each stop consists of a person-narrated piece of media.
Beyond a physical tour, these presentations can be used to guide users through complex procedures. Each step can use rich media to provide specific instruction and can link to other objects within the application, just as in guided tour. Additionally, "guides" can be used to humanize the process.