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Timelines Overview
A timeline is a way of displaying events in chronological order and are especially useful for showing change over time. Our applications can include multiple timelines, each consisting of a series of "events" which represent a period of time. Our timelines can be represented horizontally or vertically and we can create custom timeline displays (such as the Juilliard School's timeline application which is semi-3D).
Events can include or link to any media in the application and are displayed in a separate content area than the timeline itself. Once selected, events can open a content window that contains even more information. Events can be grouped by the administrator and filtered by the user to allow for layering of simultaneous timelines on the same time-scale. Events can also be cross-listed on multiple independent timelines.
Users can move throughout the timeline by using next/previous buttons or using a mini-timeline bar with a slider. As they move the slider, the main window updates with events that fall within that time range. Additionally, users can use a playback mode which allows timelines to be played through in a play/pause/stop fashion. As a timeline plays, event windows can open and close to provide a visual time sequencing.