Flash Cards | Transformative Threshold

“Leveling-up” in video game parlance can have an ever greater effect for organizations trying to make their mark in the real world.  For every leap there is a path and a cost.

There comes a point in the life of every organization when it needs to present itself at a level equivalent to its capability in order to advance.  Every passing year brings with it new and often different base essentials such as a fax number, a website, letterhead, business cards, etc.

There aren’t simply one or two thresholds an organization can reach.  Depending on what an organization is trying to achieve, the areas in which they’d like to achieve them, the relative ability to include facets of the threshold and the need or cost of making the jump, there could be a dozen or a hundred thresholds.

For instance, if an organization wants to compete for nationwide sales of its products in a competitive market segment, it may need to invest in a rented call center and high-cost television advertising.  Conversely, if a local shop wants to justify charging more for its services, it could refresh its identity materials, enhance their customer service procedures and speed up their project/job cycles.

Each combination of needs can have a different threshold.  Some can be prescribed for most organizations without much forethought.  These are the kinds of things that start at what most organizations think they need (which are usually capital investments) and continue into the digital and labor worlds.

It behooves each organization to develop the skills to examine its own trade-offs for cost and value.  It is incumbent upon each manager, executive, etc. to discover the thresholds that transform the status quo into the next great objective.
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