Flash Cards | Thursdaymas

It begins on Thursday and lasts through Sunday. It is the largest and most vital part of the week. It is a time to get serious. And a time to dream.

The Feast of Thursday is a 4-day period where the long-term takes greater emphasis than the short-term of the workaday week.  Most people look forward to the weekend on Friday, which makes it a fairly useless day for optimum productivity.  Thinking about Friday, and intending to not be completely focused makes Thursday a less than ideal day as well.

So, instead of attempting to fight this eventuality, Thursdaymas gives structure to this wanderlust.  By focusing on education, retreat, planning, rejuvenation, training, what should be, etc, you can make use of typically weekend-related thoughts for enterprising purposes.

Training, education, planning, team-building, etc are all activities which factor into the workaday world.  Each of them are really about moving beyond the short term mundane, by transforming workers into increasing assets and making organization practices more productive.  So, continuing all these practices, but intending them to be on the days when people are most in-tune with them matches content to intent.

Beyond the existing activities, and for less-than-common organizations or people, you can try to connect the planning of your personal life and that of your organization.  There is no reason why you can’t think about ways to improve your organization while being leisurely at home.

While Thursdaymas seems to be about creating a barrier in the week, it is really about meshing the nature of the whole week.  If long-term contemplation occurs on Saturday and Sunday, it can extend into your organization on Thursday and Friday.

Short-term execution without long-term planning is a dangerous thing.  It is far too easy for all of us to live in the short term with blinders on.  At the same time, for some, it is hard to live in the moment and get real work done.

Thursdaymas creates a structure to accommodate both during the times when they are best achieved.

When an organization is trying to share what/who it is with the outside world, it must have some introspection and digestion.  It must be done over time and intentionally.  Thursdaymas creates a way to do that.

If an organization doesn’t focus on making all of its assets increasing ones, and all of its operations efficient, it runs the risk of falling behind.  Thursdaymas helps keep the balance and win the fight.

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