Flash Cards | Transcend Physical Space

We may begin our understanding of the world with physical context, but knowledge should be more accessible, more fluid. Break the shackles.

Remove the need to “be there.”  You can do more virtually than you can do in a given fixed space.  Even better, you can extend the exposition of something squarely in the physical world through an endless virtual means.

Don’t try to keep enormous exhibit spaces, trade floors, show rooms, etc.  Document what you could put there in a rich media application and open the reach up to everyone and everywhere.

Physical things can exist in only one place at a time—and for unique physical things (people, artwork, geographic locations, etc), and so you must go to them in order to encounter them.  This creates a barrier to consumption of that item.  And that’s no good.

As a concept, disconnecting the essence of something as an intentioned act is an easy step to creating a force multiplier and sharing knowledge well.

Get more value out of something.  Introduce it to more people.  Keep track of decaying things.  Leave room for the physical to be truly special.

Anything that occurs at only one intersection of time and space (and is otherwise fleeting) can be made more permanent; oddly enough by ignoring its physical tangibility.

Describe its physical characteristics well, and from multiple perspectives of interest.  Use photography from multiple angles, video, audio, diagrams, etc to record the visual and aural essence of something.

Make the object an “inventory item”—one of many things that exist and you can administer.  Then share it, cross-connect it.  Bring it more life than it could have otherwise have in just one place, and one time.

More people know.  More people can reflect and comment.  More people can share it with other people.  More More More.  All with less.

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