Flash Cards | User-Centered

If your client thought and made decisions like you, all commerce would be simple. If you provide only what is convenient in one area, you’ll end up paying dearly in another.

The person consuming information should be the focus.  What do they want to know?  What are they interested in?  What is their perspective?  What decisions do they think they are entitled to?  What are their motivations?

Creating a customer experience that puts them at the helm is a hard task.  It is easy to focus around making someone feel reassured or comfortable or in control, but completely avoid providing them with all the information.  Instead, it is easy to think about what you want to tell someone or what you think is important rather than what might actually be important to the outside world.

Focusing on the consumer/user of information does wonders for your understanding of yourself.  It is so hard for people and organizations to look inside themselves; and even more difficult to escape the inclination to stay inside once they get there.

Changing the focus to the outside world also helps to transform your conception of yourself to that of a resource rather than a self-interested agent.  Experts can act as resources because they have nothing to lose.  They have gained status and continue to increase status when they use their expertise to help others.  Becoming a resource is a valuable position.  It just takes discipline.

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