Flash Cards | Wisdom

Experience, measured with analysis. Are you adept at generating it? Are you inclined to share it?

A viewpoint only attained from repeated experiences which have been analyzed.  Experience is knowledge which has been acquired via the senses and through actions across moments in time (with memorable variation).  Enough repeated experience causes a reflection.  That reflection’s fruit combined with the aggregate experiences begets Wisdom.

We often view wisdom as the fruit of a process that happens naturally.  But what if the tables were turned and we actively tried to create it?  What happens when you provide for repetitive experiences, though differentiated somewhat, offered from multiple perspectives, then solicit commentary or analysis of those experiences?  What happens when you open that capability up to the widest possible audience?

Wisdom is important to discuss because it is a valued trait in the world.  But it is a dangerous quality and quantity to assume as easily possess-able.  How do we place value on wisdom?  Do we value a company who has been in business longer and has a thicker list of clients more than we value a newcomer?  What impacts that decision?

If the equation for wisdom involves experience and analysis, then which of the two is harder to come by?  Some would say experience, but it is something you can create at any time.  True analysis is harder, because it produces no immediate fruit and often requires criticism of self.  Even harder, though, is analysis after new experiences.  The more experiences you’ve accumulated, the longer the analysis.

Generating and even recognizing Wisdom can be a difficult things to do, but not for the reasons that first come to mind.  The perspective that Wisdom gives you is often the hardest thing to accept.  It is comfortable and easy to approach the world from a silo or with blinders on.  It is far more difficult to factor-in that everything around you is an intricate calculus, each with its own solution.

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